201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (2024)

201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (1)

“The Office” is a timeless TV show with millions of viewers who obsess over the story and details, making it a perfect topic for trivia questions. Below you will find 201 “The Office” trivia questions & answers, taken from every single episode of all 9 seasons. These questions cover details from all 201 episodes of the TV series.

Only the most knowledgable “The Office” fans will know the answers to these 201 trivia questions. If you really enjoy the show, you will definitely laugh recalling some of your favorite episodes. So whether you are in need of some trivia questions to play with your friends or want to challenge yourself, use these 201 “The Office” trivia questions and have fun.


201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers
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“The Office” Trivia Questions by Season

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (2)

Read 201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers

“The Office” is a mockumentary-style sitcom that follows the day-to-day lives of office employees at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. The show is based on the original British series of the same name. The show is known for its dry humor and its ensemble cast.

The following 201 “The Office” trivia questions and answers cover every episode of every season. Use them to test yourself and see, if you are a true “The Office” fan.

“The Office” Season 1 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (3)

The first season of “The Office” is the shortest season of the series, with 6 six episodes. The show begins with the introduction of Dunder Mifflin employees by branch manager Michael Scott. We also learn Dunder Mifflin’s corporate headquarters are planning to downsize an entire branch, leading to employee fear and Michael choosing to downplay the reality of the situation.

If you enjoyed the first season of “The Office”, use these season 1 “The Office” trivia questions and answers and test your knowledge on these 6 episodes.

“The Office” Season 1 Trivia Questions & Answers

1. Who delivers the news to Michael that Dunder Mifflin may have to downsize the staff?


Episode 1: “The Pilot”

2. What kind of seminar is the staff required to attend due to an inappropriate Chris Rock joke made at the office by Michael?

A Racial Tolerance and Diversity in the Workplace Seminar

Episode 2: “Diversity Day”

3. Michael promises the entire office a surprise after Dwight cuts healthcare benefits for the staff. What was the surprise?


Episode 3: “Health Care”

4. Who does Michael arrange an early birthday celebration for as a morale booster in response to downsizing rumors?


Episode 4: “The Alliance”

5. The office staff takes on the warehouse workers in a basketball game. Who ends up winning the game?

The Warehouse Workers

Episode 5: “Basketball”

6. Amy Adams plays an attractive salesperson selling what product at the office?


Episode 6: “Hot Girl”

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“The Office” Season 2 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (5)

The second season of “The Office” TV show has 22 episodes. This season begins with many background characters developed into secondary characters. Romantic relationships beginning amongst them, along with the associated dilemmas that occur.

If you enjoyed the second season of “The Office”, use these Season 2 “The Office” trivia questions and answers to test yourself on all 22 episodes.

“The Office” Season 2 Trivia Questions & Answers

7. What brand of shoe does Pam win the “Whitest Sneaker” Dundie award for?


Episode 1: “The Dundies”

8. What American Idol contestant does Ryan misunderstand as Todd Packer’s vanity license plate meaning?

William Hung

Episode 2: “Sexual Harassment”

9. What is the name of the paper football flicking game that Kevin and Oscar play in the office?


Episode 3: “Office Olympics”

10. What does Michael mention that he left in the office after the staff evacuated the building for a fire and Dwight runs in to retrieve?

His Cell Phone

Episode 4: “The Fire”

11. At the request of corporate to let someone go by the end of the month, who does Michael finally end up firing ?


Episode 5: “Halloween”

12. After Michael duels Dwight at the karate dojo and Michael wins, who does Dwite update his emergency contact info to?

The Hospital

Episode 6: “The Fight”

13. Without Jan’s permission, what location does Michael change the client meeting to, which was originally booked in a hotel room?


Episode 7: “The Client”

14. Instead of giving the annual performance reviews, what does Michael ask the employees their opinions on instead?

A Voicemail from Jan

Episode 8: “Performance Review”

15. At Jim’s party, what does the documentary crew catch happening in the backyard, while everyone is busy watching Michael and Jim sing karaoke?

Angela and Dwight Making Out

Episode 9: “Email Surveillance”

16. After Michael Ruin’s the Secret Santa by buying Ryan a $400 iPod, what does Michael then buy for everyone in the office to compensate?


Episode 10: “Christmas Party”

17. What is the name of the cruise ship that Michael takes the staff on as both a party and a leadership training exercise?


Episode 11: “Booze Cruise”

18. When Michael calls the office in distress after he burned his foot on the George Foreman Grill next to his bed, what injury does Dwight sustain trying to help?

A Concussion

Episode 12: “The Injury”

19. After Jim accidentally revealed a secret of his to Michael, he asks Michael not to share it with the office, but of course Michael reveals it to everyone; what secret of Jim’s does Michael share?

His Crush On Pam

Episode 13: “The Secret”

20. Who left the disgusting substance on Michael’s office rug as a prank?

Todd Packer

Episode 14: “The Carpet”

21. During the “gripe session”of Michael’s “men in the workplace” seminar, what are the warehouse workers inspired to do as a result?

Form a Union

Episode 15: “Boys and Girls”

22. What does Dwight give Angela in return for giving him a bobbled doll in his likeness?

A Key to His Home

Episode 16: “Valentine’s Day”

23. What award does Dwight prepare a speech for?

Salesman of the Year

Episode 17: “Dwight’s Speech”

24. Who’s daughter develops a crush on Ryan and asks for his phone number?


Episode 18: “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”

25. What ailment is Kevin eagerly awaiting test results about on Michael’s birthday?

Skin Cancer

Episode 19: “Michael’s Birthday”

26. What does Michael worry will show up on his drug test after partaking at the concert he attended?

A Clove Cigarette

Episode 20: “Drug Testing”

27. What does Jim change Dwight’s middle name to on his security badge once he labels Dwight as a “security threat”?


Episode 21: “Conflict Resolution”

28. As Jim and Pam are going through wedding band audition tapes, they come across Kevin’s band; what is the name of Kevin’s band?


Episode 22: “Casino Night”

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“The Office” Season 3 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (7)

The third season of “The Office” TV show has a total of 25 episodes. The season begins with Jim’s transfer to Stamford, but Corporate later merges the Stamford and Scranton branch. With that, new characters are introduced, new loves are formed, and new bosses emerge among the staff.

If you had fun watching the third season of “The Office”, use Season 3 “The Office” trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge on all 25 episodes.

“The Office” Season 3 Trivia Questions & Answers

29. Which branch was Jim Transferred to in order to avoid Pam’s wedding to Roy?


Episode 1: “Gay Witch Hunt”

30. What event do Michael and Dwight attend in Philadelphia, where Michael attempts to throw a hotel room party?

An Office Supply Convention

Episode 2: “The Convention”

31. What game does the Stamford branch play as a” team-building” exercise?

Call of Duty

Episode 3: “The Coup”

32. Jan informs Michael that his former boss has passed away; what was Michael’s former boss’s his name?

Ed Truck

Episode 4: “Grief Counseling”

33. Where does Dwight take Ryan instead of Ryan’s first sales call?

Dwight’s Beet Farm

Episode 5: “Initiation”

34. Who does Michael propose to at the Diwali festival?


Episode 6: “Diwali”

35. What company does Stamford branch manager Josh get a better position with during the intended closing of the Scranton office?


Episode 7: “Branch Closing”

36. Who does Michael attempt to push onto the table, with the rest of the new employees, which causes this new employee to quit on the spot?


Episode 8: “The Merger”

37. The new employee Martin, reveals he was incarcerated for what crime?

Insider Trading

Episode 9: “The Convict”

38. Who does Pam lead Dwight to believe he was being recruited by for months?


Episode 10 & 11: “A Benihana Christmas”

39. What does Michael do to tell his date apart from her friend at the Christmas party?

Marks Her With a Sharpie

Episode 10 & 11: “A Benihana Christmas”

40. Who does Michael accidentally send his Jamaica vacation photo to instead of Todd Packer?


Episode 12: “Back from Vacation”

41. Who does Dwight drive to the NY corporate office to deliver a document and help out, causing him to be hours late to work?


Episode 13: “Traveling Salesmen”

42. Who ends up quitting their job at Dunder Mifflin and getting a job at Staples?


Episode 14: “The Return”

43. What is the name of the stripper that Michael hires for Bob Vance’s bachelor party?


Episode 15: “Ben Franklin”

44. Who does Dwight kick out of Phyllis’ wedding, thinking he was a wedding crasher, but really, he has dementia?

Uncle Al

Episode 16: “Phyllis’ Wedding”

45. What animal does Dwight insist on catching himself rather than calling animal control?

A Bat

Episode 17: “Business School”

46. What does David Wallace invite Jim to do during the co*cktail party at his house?

Play Basketball

Episode 18: “co*cktails”

47. What weapon does Dwight use to protect Jim when Roy attacks Jim for kissing Pam?

Pepper Spray

Episode 19: “The Negotiation”

48. In an attempt to demonstrate the dangers of depression, Michael drops a watermelon from the roof, which bounces off of a trampoline and hits one of his employees’ cars; who’s car did it hit?


Episode 20: “Safety Training”

49. After Andy finds out his girlfriend is actually a high school student at the school that used obscene paper from Dunder Mifflin to print their prom invitations, what song does Jim sing to him on the car ride home to cheer him up?

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Episode 21: “Product Recall”

50. After the men in the office sneak into the women’s bathroom and find that they have a plush waiting room, they are shocked to learn one male employee has already been using the women’s bathroom regularly; who is this male employee?


Episode 22: “Women’s Appreciation”

51. Who throws himself on hot coals to prove to Michael that he is worthy of taking over his position as regional manager, since Michael thinks he will get the open position he interviewed for in corporate?


Episode 23: “Beach Games”

52. When Jan comes back to win Michael over, what procedure did she have that makes him reconsider?

A Breast Augmentation

Episode 24 & 25: “The Job”

53. After Jim rejects the job in corporate, who does David Wallace offer it to instead?


Episode 24 & 25: “The Job”

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“The Office” Season 4 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (9)

The fourth full season of the Office ended at only 19 episodes, due to a halt in production caused by a Writers Guild strike. Some of the staff’s romantic relationships have deteriorated and some surprise ones have been revealed. There are also some firings and new dreams being followed by employees.

If you enjoyed the fourth season of “The Office”, use these Season 4 “The Office” trivia questions and answers on all 19 episodes and see how much you remember.

“The Office” Season 4 Trivia Questions & Answers

54. When Michael accidentally hits Meredith with his car, what body art did she injure, sending her to the hospital?

Her Pelvis

Episode 1 & 2: “Fun Run”

55. What food did Michael use to carbo load for the office rabies awareness charity fun run?

Fettuccini Alfredo

Episode 1 & 2: “Fun Run”

56. What does creed use to dye his hair black, in an attempt to convince everyone that he is younger?

Printer Ink

Episode 3 & 4: “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”

57. What is the name of the cat Dwight attempts to give to Angela after her cat Sprinkles died?


Episode 3 & 4: “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”

58. During the meeting that Michael held to discuss making the Quarterly Reports more exciting, what does the bouncing screen saver say that distracts everyone?

DVD Video

Episode 5 & 6: “Launch Party”

59. When Michael heads up to NYC to crash the corporate party, what food do they end up taking and running away with?


Episode 5 & 6: “Launch Party”

60. What night job does Michael take to keep up with Jan’s extreme financial spending?


Episode 7 & 8: “Money”

61. What form of transportation does Michael attempt to use to skip town after he admits to Jan that he is in high amount of debt?

A Train

Episode 7 & 8: “Money”

62. Rather than Schrute, what does Dwight use as his last name for his avatar in Second Life?


Episode 9: “Local Ad”

63. Who does Karen attempt to lure away from the Scranton Branch once she becomes regional manager of the Utica Branch?


Episode 10: “Branch Wars”

64. After Ryan invites Toby to a corporate wilderness retreat, in order to prove to Ryan that he can survive in the wild, Michael instructs Dwight to abandon him deep in the forest; what are the only two items Michael takes with him?

A Knife and a Roll of Duct Tape

Episode 11: “Survivor Man”

65. When Jan sues her former employer for wrongful termination, what does she claim is the reason Dunder Mifflin terminated her?

Discrimination Over Her Breast Augmentation

Episode 12: “The Deposition”

66. How many vasectomies did Michael have in an attempt to please Jan?


Episode 13: “Dinner Party”

67. After Michael broke up with Jan, who does Pam attempt to set Michael up on a date with?

Her Landlady

Episode 14: “Chair Model”

68. After the employees stay late, they end up getting locked in the parking lot and out of the building; who does Jim call to unlock the gate?

Hank the Security Guard

Episode 15: “Night Out”

69. What kind of car does Andy sell to Dwight for a low price, which Dwight then immediately sells at a much higher price for a profit?

A Nissan Xterra

Episode 16: “Did I Stutter?”

70. At the local job fair, what is the name of the only student that is interested in a Dunder Mifflin internship, but Michael Rejects him because he isn’t “cool enough”?


Episode 17: “Job Fair”

71. Where does Toby move after his divorce?

Costa Rica

Episode 18 & 19: “Goodbye, Toby”

72. At what school does Pam reveal she will be spending her summer studying graphic design?

Pratt Institute

Episode 18 & 19: “Goodbye, Toby”

“The Office” Season 5 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (10)

The fifth season of the TV show “The Office” consists of 28 episodes. This season includes an engagement as-well-as a love triangle. The Michael moves on from Dunder Mifflin and forms a new company and some of the staff joins him.

If you were into the the fifth season of “The Office”, enjoy these Season 5 “The Office” trivia questions and answers about all 28 episodes.

“The Office” Season 5 Trivia Questions & Answers

73. What does Kelly buy from Creed as a way to help her expedite her weight loss for the weight loss competition between all the branches?

A Tape Worm

Episode 1 & 2: “Weight Loss”

74. What does Holly believe about Kevin and as a result, chastises Angela when she speaks rudely to him?

That Kevin is Mentally Challenged

Episode 1 & 2: “Weight Loss

75. What song does Michael and Holly sing, dance, and modify the lyrics to for the business ethics seminar?

“Physical” by Olivia Newton-John

Episode 3: “Business Ethics”

76. What do Dwight and Michael use to help act out the birth process in order to be prepared for Jan’s baby?

A Watermelon

Episode 4: “Baby Shower”

77. Michael and Holly set up the C.R.I.M.E A.I.D auction in the warehouse to raise money for the items stolen in the office; what does the acronym C.R.I.M.E A.I.D stand for?

Crime Reduces Innocence Makes Everyone Angry I Declare

Episode 5: “Crime Aid”

78. While Pam is working in the NYC corporate office, she is embarrassed because she is the only person in the office that dressed up for Halloween; who is she dressed as?

Charlie Chaplin

Episode 6: “Employee Transfer”

79. When Jim and Dwight find out their customer surveys are very poor, they are shocked and upset since it affects their bonuses; what party did Kelly host, that Jim and Dwight missed causing Kelly to alter their customer surveys to be very negative?

America’s Got Talent Party

Episode 7: “Customer Survey”

80. When David Wallace sends Michael on a business trip to Winnipeg, he suggests he speak with the concierge to find activities to enjoy in the city; what does Michael conclude a concierge to be a Winnipeg version of?

A Geisha

Episode 8: “Business Trip”

81. When Michael attempts to setup Toby by planting drugs in his desk and calling the police, what do the police find there instead?

A Caprese Salad

Episode 9: “Frame Toby”

82. When Michael thinks he is getting a bonus because he would be turning in the $4300 budget surplus, what did he buy for himself?

A Fur Coat

Episode 10: “The Surplus”

83. At the Moroccan themed Christmas party planned by Phyllis, alcohol is served; what happens to Meredith while she is intoxicated and dancing?

Her Hair Gets Set on Fire

Episode 11: “Moroccan Christmas”

84. When it is revealed to Andy that Angela has been cheating on him with Dwight, how do they attempt to resolve the matter?

A Duel in the Parking Lot

Episode 12: “The Duel”

85. Which actress does the staff of the office debate to be “hot or not”?

Hilary Swank

Episode 13: “Prince Family Paper”

86. When Dwight creates a fire simulation in the office, what happens to Stanley as a result?

He Has a Heart Attack

Episode 14 & 15: “Stress Relief”

87. What is the name of the movie Jim attempts to use to cheer Pam up, that they watch with Andy on his laptop?

Mrs. Albert Hannaday

Episode 14 & 15: “Stress Relief”

88. When Michael and Pam are visiting branches to lecture about the success of the Scranton branch, what is the one branch Michael wants to avoid so he does not have to see Holly, who is now is ex?


Episode 16: “Lecture Circuit Part 1”

89. When Michael and Pam finally do visit Nashua, who do they find out Holly has been dating?


Episode 17: “Lecture Circuit Part 2”

90. What is the name of the attendee at Michael’s singles mixer who gives Kevin her email address?


Episode 18: “Blood Drive”

91. When Michael decides to create a “golden ticket” promotion, putting five “golden tickets” good for 10% off the recipients order, he accidentally puts them all in one paper shipment and does not limit it to one customer; who was the customer that received all 5 golden tickets and 50% off as a result?

Blue Cross of Pennsylvania

Episode 19: “Golden Ticket”

92. What does the new Dunder Mifflin Vice President Charles Miner cancel that makes Michael so upset he drives to the NYC corporate office to confront David Wallace about?

Michael’s Fifteen Year Work Anniversary Party

Episode 20: “New Boss”

93. After Michael gives his two weeks notice to Dunder Mifflin, who is the first company Michael tries to reach out to for employment, but finds out they were put out of business by Dunder Mifflin?

Prince Paper

Episode 21: “Two Weeks”

94. Who does Michael attempt to recruit for his newly formed paper company from his old part-time telemarketing job?


Episode 22: “Dream Team”

95. After Pam quits her job at Dunder Mifflin to join the Michael Scott paper company, Charles hires Erin to replace her in reception; what is Erin’s real first name?


Episode 23: “Michael Scott Paper Company”

96. What does Dwight place in the air conditioning vent of the Michael Scott Paper Company as retaliation for stealing his clients?

A Dead Fish

Episode 24: “Heavy Competition”

97. How many clients did Dunder Mifflin lose to the Michael Scott Paper Company?


Episode 25: “Broke”

98. What food does Kevin spill all over the rug as he is arrives early to work to deliver it for his coworkers?


Episode 26: “Casual Friday”

99. When Michael turned the previous office space of the Michael Scott Paper Company into a dancehall, who was the first employee from Dunder Mifflin to join him dancing?


Episode 27: “Cafe Disco”

100. At the company picnic, Dwight brings his best friend; what is his name?


Episode 28: “Company Picnic”

“The Office” Season 6 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (11)

The sixth season of “The Office” TV show has 26 episodes. In this season, the company merges with another company in order to avoid a complete downfall. Jim and Pam get married, and have a baby. New members of the office staff also develop a romantic interest in one another.

If you watched the sixth season of “The Office”, use these Season 6 “The Office” trivia questions and answers on all 26 episodes to test yourself or your friends. Have fun!

“The Office” Season 6 Trivia Questions & Answers

101. When the interns see Stanley at a night club making out with a woman that they believe is his wife, we find out that his wife is actually out of town; what was the name of the woman Stanley was having an affair with?


Episode 1: “Gossip”

102. When Jim and David have a private meeting without Michael, what does Michael hide in to try and sneak into the meeting?

A Cheese Cart

Episode 2: “The Meeting”

103. When Jim is promoted to Regional Manager with Michael, what does the mug say that Michael gives to Jim as a gift?

“World’s Best Boss”

Episode 3: “The Promotion”

104. When Pam’s sister Penny meets Oscar, who does she mistake as Oscar’s boyfriend Gil?


Episode 4 & 5: “Niagara”

105. When Michael mistook a hotel block to mean the room had already been booked for him, he was left without a room to stay in for Jim and Pam’s wedding; who is the only person at the office that offers Michael their room to share, which he declines?


Episode 4 & 5: “Niagara”

106. What is the name of the insurance salesman that Andy and Dwight convince Michael is a part of the Mafia?

Angelo Grotti

Episode 6: “Mafia”

107. Jealous of Jim’s promotion to regional manager, Dwight gives Jim a gift, which is actually harboring a secret recording device to gain damaging evidence on Jim in hopes of sabotaging him; what was the gift?

A Wooden Mallard

Episode 7: “The Lover”

108. A pregnant Pam and this coworker, are mistaken as husband and wife when they go on a sales meetings for a potential customer, which Pam immediately rejects outright; who is this coworker?


Episode 8: “Koi Pond”

109. What does Pam do to Michael for breaking up with her mother on her birthday?

She Slaps Him in the Face

Episode 9: “Double Date”

110. When the Dunder Mifflin staff learns that the company is in financial trouble, Michael has the team play a murder mystery game to keep them occupied; what is the name of the game?

Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets

Episode 10: “Murder”

111. When Ryan refuses to do any work, with his rationale being that the company is going to shut down so his work would be pointless, where does Jim move his office as a punishment?

The Closet

Episode 11: “Shareholder Meeting”

112. After Michael promises a class of underprivileged students he would pay their college tuition if they graduated high school, what does Michael give them instead since he can’t afford to hold up his end of the bargain?

Laptop Batteries

Episode 12: “Scott’s Tots”

113. Michael, dressed as Santa, is furious when one of his employees is also dressed as Santa; who did Jim also allow to dress as Santa for the Christmas party?


Episode 13: “Secret Santa”

114. What is the name of the AI that Michael makes up in order to impress the investment banker that is checking for discrepancies since the company has recently been bought out?


Episode 14: “The Banker”

115. Which famous actor stars in the Sabre video, sharing some of the company’s new policies?

Christian Slater

Episode 15: “Sabre”

116. When Andy intends to send a romantic card to Erin, he also sends cards out to everyone in the office as to not draw any attention to the special card for Erin, but he accidentally gives it to another employee; who is this employee?


Episode 16: “The Manager and the Salesman”

117. Who does Pam eat with regularly, since they are on the same eating schedule, ever since she has been pregnant?


Episode 17 & 18: “The Delivery”

118. When Pam goes into labor, what does she ask Dwight to retrieve from her home, which she was intending to use to help her through her labor?

Her iPod

Episode 17 & 18: “The Delivery”

119. When Darryl offers the CEO, Jo Bennet, an idea on how to improve shipping for both paper and printers, whose old office does she give to him as a reward?


Episode 19: “St. Patrick’s Day”

120. Which two employees end up kissing while searching for the disposed sales leads at a dump site?

Erin and Andy

Episode 20: “New Leads”

121. When Michael offers, that anyone who can beat his 25 push up record is allowed to go home early for the day, who succeeds in doing so?


Episode 21: “Happy Hour”

122. Oscar creates a video which dubs Kevin’s voice over footage of a famous puppet from a children’s show; which puppet does he use for the video?

Cookie Monster

Episode 22: “Secretary’s Day”

123. What is the name of the restaurant manager that Michael flirts with all day and ends up kissing in the parking lot?


Episode 23: “Body Language”

124. After Andy received a call from a client who says the Sabre printer caught fire under normal operation, who does Darryl pay to threaten him as a way to play on his fears of a conspiracy of revenge against him for uncovering the issue?


Episode 24: “The Cover-Up”

125. In breaking the baby contract they signed months earlier, what does Angela offer Dwight as a settlement, which he agrees to?

Five Sessions of Intercourse

Episode 25: “The Chump”

126. Who ends up giving a public apology to the media about Sabre printers catching fire, in place of Jo Bennett, as a favor to her?


Episode 26: “Whistleblower”

“The Office” Season 7 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (12)

The seventh season of “The Office” TV show is 26 episodes long. This is the final season for the office manager, Michael Scott. This is also the season where Michael rekindles his romantic relationship with his coworker Holly. Dwight and then Creed become the new office managers.

If you had a blast watching the seventh season of “The Office”, these Season 7 “The Office” trivia questions and answers on all 26 episodes will make you laugh your head off.

“The Office” Season 7 Trivia Questions & Answers

127. What is the name of the office assistant, who is completely incompetent, a constant disturbance, and also happens to be Michaels nephew?


Episode 1: “Nepotism”

128. After a chance visit from an office vendor, Pam gets the idea of promoting herself into this new position, informing Gabe that the promotion had happened a few months prior, but her wages have yet to reflect her new title; what position does Pam create for herself?

Office Administrator

Episode 2: “Counseling”

129. What role does Andy play in a local production of Sweeney Todd?

Anthony Hope

Episode 3: “Andy’s Play”

130. What does Michael self diagnose himself with, but before getting tested, proceeds to warn all of his exes about?


Episode 4: “Sex Ed”

131. What is the name of the rival salesman that steals a lot of potential clients from Dunder Mifflin, so Michael offers him the traveling salesman position, which he accepts?

Danny Cordray

Episode 5: “The Sting”

132. What was the prize for the annual Halloween costume contest that frustrates Oscar, because of the staff’s mistaken belief that this prize is worth a lot more money than the actual value?

A Scranton-area Coupon Book

Episode 6: “Costume Contest”

133. Which band t-shirt is Cece wearing at her christening because Jim accidentally ruined her dress when changing her diaper?

Arcade Fire

Episode 7: “Christening”

134. What show does Erin invite everyone from the office to Gabe’s house for a viewing party of?


Episode 8: “Viewing Party”

135. Ryan’s cross-portal messaging system WUPHF has a potential buyer that is solely interested in acquiring the domain name WUPHF.com; who is the potential buyer?

Washington University Public Health Fund

Episode 9: “WUPHF.com”

136. After Darryl warns Andy that his constant pointless text messages are going to get him blocked, what does Andy text message invite Darryl into the parking lot to see, which makes them high five?

Pigeons Eating an Ice Cream Cone

Episode 10: “China”

137. Which famous trial does Toby take a jury duty leave of absence for?

The Scranton Strangler

Episode 11 & 12: “Classy Christmas”

138. What gift does Pam make for Jim, but then feels insecure about giving to him after she receives his gift, a beautiful tennis bracelet?

A Hand Drawn Comic Book

Episode 11 & 12: “Classy Christmas”

139. Inspired by the Vance Refrigeration Office Administrator, Pam puts up a New Year’s Resolution board for everyone on the office to post their resolutions on; what was Creed’s Resolution?

To Do a Cartwheel

Episode 13: “Ultimatum”

140. What is the name of the Greek persona Michael uses to try and impress holly, who has recently broken up with A.J.?


Episode 14: “The Seminar”

141. When Michael is abandoned by Jim at a gas station, Holly intuitively tracks Michael to a Chinese food restaurant where they discover Michael has dine and dashed prior to their arrival, by seeing his picture on the wall; what other employee of Dunder Mifflin has a picture on that wall for also skipping out on the bill?


Episode 15: “The Search”

142. When Gabe Lewis holds a meeting about Sabre’s intolerance of public displays of affection, who are the two people that have caused the need for the meeting in the first place?

Michael and Holly

Episode 16: “PDA”

143. What character does Creed play in Michael’s film “Threat Level Midnight”?

Cherokee Jack

Episode 17: “Threat Level Midnight”

144. When Pam gets Erin a new computer for reception, Andy complains that he wants a new computer too; what is Pam’s condition for Andy being able to get a new computer?

His Computer Has to Be Broken

Episode 18: “Todd Packer”

145. When Michael decides to propose to Holly, he spends what he believes to be the traditional amount on an engagement ring, but is grossly off and overspends tremendously; what did Michael believe the traditional amount is supposed to be equal too?

Three Years Salary

Episode 19: “Garage Sale”

146. When Michael’s replacement, Deangelo Vickers comes to the branch office for his first day, what does Kevin wear to try and impress him?

A Toupee

Episode 20: “Training Day”

147. What is the name of the Italian restaurant where Michael and Deangelo Vickers hosted the last Dundies?

Louie Volpe’s

Episode 21: “Michael’s Last Dundies”

148. Where is Michael moving to be with his fiancé Holly?


Episode 22: “Goodbye, Michael”

149. What does Deangelo claim he can do, which Jim challenges him to do, but he ends up injuring himself badly while attempting this feat in the warehouse?

Slam Dunk a Basketball

Episode 23: “The Inner Circle”

150. When Jo Bennett appoints Dwight as the interim Regional Manager at the Scranton office, what kind of fish does Dwight put in his office fish tank?


Episode 24: “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager”

151. After Dwight accidentally fires his gun off in the office and is removed from his position as interim Regional Manager, who is then appointed interim Regional Manager?


Episode 25 & 26: “Search Committee”

152. Which member of the office does Erin get a DNA test with, to see if she is the child this person gave up for adoption when in high school?


Episode 25 & 26: “Search Committee”

“The Office” Season 8 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (13)

The eighth season of “The Office” TV show has 24 episodes. Robert California is now the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre and Andy is promoted to regional manager. Eventually Andy is fired but then joins forces with David Wallace to repurchase Dunder Mifflin from Sabre.

If you liked watching the eight season of “The Office”, these Season 8 “The Office” trivia questions and answers on all 24 episodes will help you relive some of your favorite moments.

“The Office” Season 8 Trivia Questions & Answers

153. Who is appointed Regional Manager of the Scranton Branch, but then convinces Jo Bennett to make him CEO?

Robert California

Episode 1: “The List”

154. After Andy offers an incentive program to his employees using a points system, how many points do the employees need in order for Andy to get a tattoo on his butt?

5,000 Points

Episode 2: “The Incentive”

155. When 6 warehouse workers win the lottery through their pool, what is the amount they won?


Episode 3: “Lotto”

156. When Andy decides to throw a Garden party to impress his parents, what is the venue he chooses?

Schrute Farms

Episode 4: “Garden Party”

157. Who does Dwight dress up as for the Halloween Party, that no one recognizes except for Robert California’s son, Bert?

Sarah Kerrigan

Episode 5: “Spooked”

158. When Dwight sets up a device to send Robert California automated emails of everyone’s mistakes at the end of the day, what game does Jim join Robert in, in an attempt to intercept these emails before Robert can read them?


Episode 6: “Doomsday”

159. What is the name of the new employee that Pam trains as her temporary replacement for when she goes on maternity leave?

Cathy Simms

Episode 7: “Pam’s Replacement”

160. What does Dwight claim is the northernmost battle of the Civil War, which Oscar says is completely made up?

The Battle of Schrute Farms

Episode 8: “Gettysburg”

161. Who does Robert California frantically insist Andy not hire when they come to the office looking for a job?

Robert’s Wife Susan

Episode 9: “Mrs. California”

162. When Andy has to drive home an intoxicated Meredith, whose car does Erin get into, which sends him into a panic?

Robert California

Episode 10: “Christmas Wishes”

163. What is the name of Oscar’s trivia bar, that Andy decides to bring the staff to, in hopes of winning the $1000 prize and making up for the balance needed to make the sales quota?

The Liberty Well

Episode 11: “Trivia”

164. What does Andy lose at Robert’s pool party, which Erin recovers and returns to him?

An Engagement Ring

Episode 12: “Pool Party”

165. When Jim admits that he was dismissed early from jury duty and decided to take the week off, what does Pam and Jim forge in hopes that the staff will forgive them?

Pictures From Cece

Episode 13: “Jury Duty”

166. When Darryl receives a knit hat from Val, he assumes it is a romantic gesture, so he purchases her a pair of cashmere gloves; who does Darryl end up giving the gloves to instead, upon learning she has knit a hat for everyone in the warehouse?


Episode 14: “Special Project”

167. What ailment does Dwight collapse from while at the meeting for Sabre’s new project?


Episode 15: “Tallahassee”

168. Who does Ryan mistakenly think, wants a romantic relationship with him, while in Tallahassee?


Episode 16: “After Hours”

169. What is the name of the girl that punches Andy in the face when he is trying to protect Pam from a group of kids?


Episode 17: “Test the Store”

170. Who are Darryl and Toby competing to sell their daughters girls scout cookies to?


Episode 18: “Last Day in Florida”

171. When Andy drives down to Florida to try and win back Erin, what job does he find her doing?

A Live in Maid

Episode 19: “Get the Girl”

172. Who does Robert force the office to throw a welcome party for, which the party planning committee works on ways to sabotage?

Nellie Bertram

Episode 20: “Welcome Party”

173. What is the name of Cece’s Pediatrician, that Pam sets Kelly up with?


Episode 21: “Angry Andy”

174. What is the name of the character in Andy’s rock opera, that is based on Robert California?

Thomas Oregon

Episode 22: “Fundraiser”

175. What is the name of the large client account that Andy wins in hopes of using as leverage to get his job back as Regional Manager of Scranton?

Prestige Direct Sale Solutions

Episode 23: “Turf War”

176. What is the name of the toy-vacuum invention David Wallace created and sold to the United States Military, which funded his purchase of Dunder Mifflin from Sabre?


Episode 24: “Free Family Portrait Studio”

“The Office” Season 9 Trivia

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201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (14)

The ninth and final season of the TV show “The Office” has 25 episodes. The season begins with Andy, recently returning from manager training and back to his old ways. Dwight makes Jim his assistant to the regional manager and the two end their feud. Dwight marries Angela and Michael returns to serve as the best man. Jim opens a new branch of Athleap with Darryl.

If you appreciated the last season of “The Office”, you will definitely have fun with these season 9 of “The Office” trivia questions from all 25 episodes.

“The Office” Season 9 Trivia Questions & Answers

177. Who are the two new employees nicknamed “Dwight Jr.” and “The New Jim”?

Clark Green and Pete Miller

Episode 1: “New Guys”

178. When Roy performs “She’s Got a Way” by Billy Joel, he stuns his bride with the surprise; what activity did he tell his bride he was participating in as a cover for learning to perform the song?

Boxing Lessons

Episode 2: “Roy’s Wedding”

179. What is the name of the Asian man that pretends to be Jim, as an elaborate prank on Dwight?


Episode 3: “Andy’s Ancestry”

180. In light of the office needing rewiring, Jim convinces Dwight that the office has become radioactive; what does Dwight rent in order to ensure the staff continues to work while the much needed repairs take place?

A Bus

Episode 4: “Work Bus”

181. What comedic actor plays Broccoli Rob in “The Office”?

Steven Colbert

Episode 5: “Here Comes Treble”

182. Andy learns that his father fled to what country with all of the family’s money, leaving them broke?


Episode 6: “The Boat”

183. In trying to land the White Pages account and finding out the buyer is Jan Levinson, who does Dwight use to entice Jan into making the sale by leaving this person with her?


Episode 7: “The Whale”

184. When Angela finds out Oscar is having an affair with her husband Robert, she enlists Dwight in her plot to kill Oscar, which he feels is extreme, deciding to break his knee caps instead; what is the name of the former volunteer sheriff’s deputy that Dwight calls for assistance?


Episode 8: “The Target”

185. When the party planning committee doesn’t plan the Christmas party, Dwight makes the party a traditional Schrute Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas and dresses as this Christmas gift-bringer; who does Dwight dress up as?


Episode 9: “Dwight Christmas”

186. When Pam accidentally exposes the entire office to Cece’s lice, who does she let take the blame?


Episode 10: “Lice”

187. Who does Dwight bring to a potential client sales meeting to pose as his son?


Episode 11: “Suit Warehouse”

188. What is the name of the boom operator that consoles Pam after her fight with Jim over missing the recording of Cece’s ballet recital?


Episode 12: “Customer Loyalty”

189. When Jim is cut to part time due to his involvement at Athlead, who is hired into a Sales role, taking Jim’s old desk?


Episode 13: “Junior Salesman”

190. Who rats out Frank for having drawn butts on Pam’s warehouse mural?


Episode 14: “Vandalism”

191. Who does Erin break up with Andy for, after his three month absence from the office while on a boat trip?

Pete Miller

Episode 15: “Couples Discount”

192. Who does Andy re-hire to prove to Erin that moving on from an ex that you work with is very difficult?


Episode 16: “Moving On”

193. Who comes to visit the office to make amends with the staff by apologizing and bringing cupcakes, which we find out, were spiked with drugs in a retaliatory move?

Todd Packer

Episode 17: “The Farm”

194. Which television network will the documentary that has been filmed at the Scranton branch for the last nine years air on?


Episode 18: “Promos”

195. What does Dwight use to get Stanley back up the stairs for a sales call?

Bull Tranquilizers

Episode 19: “Stairmageddon”

196. Who wins the paper airplane contest and the $2,000 prize?


Episode 20: “Paper Airplane”

197. How does Andy get David Wallace to fire him so he can pursue his desire to be a star full time?

He Relieves Himself on His Car

Episode 21: “Livin’ the Dream”

198. What two choices does Dwight offer Angela’s son to see if the boy is his biological son?

A Million Dollar Check and a Beat

Episode 22 & 23: “A.A.R.M”

199. What show does Andy wait hours online to audition for, but is then turned away?

America’s Next A Cappella Sensation

Episode 22 & 23: “A.A.R.M”

200. Where does Andy end up working after his pursuit of stardom does not work out?

Cornell University

Episode 24 & 25: “Finale”

201. Since faking his death, where do the employees find Creed?

Ryan’s Old Closet

Episode 24 & 25: “Finale”

201 “The Office” Trivia Questions & Answers From Every Episode Ever | Trivia Mastermind (2024)
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