Becoming Homeschoolers: Faith, Family, and Freedom – Monica Swanson, Part 2 | Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution (2024)

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Yvette Hampton sits down with Monica Swanson, author of *Becoming Homeschoolers*, to discuss the top reasons for homeschooling. Get an in-depth view of how homeschooling can positively impact your family's faith, freedom, and education. Monica shares valuable research findings and personal stories from her own homeschooling experiences. Tune in for tips and encouragement on navigating your homeschooling journey!

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Becoming Homeschoolers: Faith, Family, and Freedom – Monica Swanson, Part 2 | Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution (2)

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Discussion Questions:

1. **Faith and Family Values:**

How does Monica Swanson prioritize faith and family values in her homeschooling journey, and what impact has that had on her children's development?

2. **Personal Experiences:**

Monica mentions her four sons being best friends as one of the key benefits they've experienced from homeschooling. How important do you think sibling relationships are in a homeschooling environment?

3. **Academic Performance:**

Discuss the research Monica Swanson shares about homeschool students consistently outperforming traditionally schooled students on SAT tests and being sought after by colleges. How significant are these findings in your decision-making process about homeschooling?

4. **Real-World Preparation:**

According to Monica, homeschoolers are often better prepared for the real world. Discuss how homeschooling can provide better real-world experiences compared to traditional schooling.

5. **Teen Sleep Patterns:**

Monica mentions research about teens needing more sleep due to melatonin shifts during adolescence. How can homeschooling accommodate these biological changes better than traditional schooling?

6. **Social Pressures:**

What are the social pressures that Monica believes homeschoolers can avoid, and how do these pressures impact traditional school students?

7. **Middle School Homeschooling:**

Monica emphasizes the benefits of homeschooling during the middle school years. Why might this particular period be especially suited for homeschooling, according to her?

8. **Flexible Learning Environments:**

Discuss Monica’s point about her son not feeling "stuck" because of the flexibility homeschooling provides. How does this flexibility contribute to a child's overall educational experience?

9. **High School Decisions:**

High school can be particularly stressful for students as they prepare for the next phase of life. How does homeschooling help manage this stress, and what strategies does Monica suggest for supporting high schoolers through this challenging time?

Becoming Homeschoolers: Faith, Family, and Freedom – Monica Swanson, Part 2 | Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution (3)

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Becoming Homeschoolers: Faith, Family, and Freedom – Monica Swanson, Part 2 | Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution (2024)
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