Outer Banks season 4 has officially wrapped filming (2024)

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If you're after some escapism, look no further than Outer Banks on Netflix. The series follows a group of friends - the pogues - as they attempt to find some treasure hidden on a desert island, while uncovering the mystery surrounding the disappearance of John B.'s father.

And while parts of their story feel idyllic at first (well, the sunshine, mainly), season three watched the gang as they struggled with money issues or finding people they can trust, all while being hunted by a ruthless Caribbean Don.

Thankfully, they survived! Which is good news for season four, which sees the Outer Banks gang on a brand new adventure. So, here's everything we know about the fourth season of Outer Banks.

Outer Banks season 4 has officially wrapped filming (1)

Outer Banks season 4 release date speculation

Good news! Outer Banks revealed in mid-June 2024 that it had officially wrapped filming for season four. In a video shared on social media, the cast told the camera, "Hey everybody, we just wrapped season 4. We did it! We are super stoked about this season. We hope you love it. See you soon."

In another video, Chase Stokes - who plays John B - said, "Alright guys, we have officially wrapped season 4 of Outer Banks. It has been a crazy, crazy journey. But it's done."

In a Netflix press release shared in February 2024, the streaming service confirmed we can expect Outer Banks season 4 later in 2024! Woohoo.

Given the previous release date, we can make an estimation of when it could come out: Outer Banks season three was confirmed in December 2021 with the season coming out at the end of February 2023. If a fourth season were to follow a similar pattern we could probably expect to see it land in mid- to late-2024.

Given that filming wrapped in June, it's likely to be September onwards.

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When was Outer Banks season 4 confirmed?

On 19th February 2023, Netflix revealed the show will officially be back for a season four. The tweet read, "BREAKING NEWS OUT OF POGUELANDIA: The Pogues (P4L) just dropped a bombshell. @obxnetflix has been renewed for Season 4!"

Speaking about the exciting season 4 news, co-creators, executive producers and showrunners Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke told Variety: "Seeing Poguelandia come to life was nothing short of spectacular. The Pogues are enjoying an adventure of a lifetime and we now get to map out more twists and turns as the joyride continues into Season 4 of Outer Banks. Thank you to Netflix, our cast and the amazing fans who helped to make this happen.”

Outer Banks season 4 cast news

*SPOILERS* The end of season three sees both Ward and John B's dad killed off, but fans can expect all the rest of the lead cast will be back for another round of episodes:

  • Chase Stokes as John B
  • Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron
  • Madison Bailey as Kiara
  • Carlacia Grant as Cleo
  • Rudy Pankow as JJ
  • Jonathan Daviss as Pope
  • Austin North as Topper
  • Drew Starkey as Rafe
  • Fiona Palermo as Sofia, in a recurring role

Outer Banks season 4 has officially wrapped filming (7)

Excitingly, there will also be a whole new bunch of faces in the Outer Banks for this season:

  • J. Anthony Crane from Billions) as Chandler Groff, who Netflix describe as "Darkly grief-stricken over the loss of his wife, he is welcoming to the Pogues on their latest adventure."
  • Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live) plays "Dalia, a revolutionary-like leader and worldly baddie on a plunder who comes face-to-face with the Pogues."
  • Brianna Brown (Dynasty) plays Hollis Robinson: "the biggest realtor on the island who previously worked with Ward in a successful business deal, she now has her eye on Rafe for a new venture."
  • Rigo Sanchez (Animal Kingdom) plays Lightner, "an imposing stranger with a piratical nerve. This dangerous and calculating outdoorsman appears to test the Pogues."
  • Mia Challis from Clickbait plays Ruthie, "a wild child with a toxic streak who develops a close relationship with Topper."

Outer Banks season 4 plot speculation

In a very vague teaser, Netflix said of season four: "The treasure hunt is far from over. The Pogues are returning for more action and adventure with a fourth season of Outer Banks in 2024. While one chapter of the Pogues’ story has closed, the next phase of #P4L has only just begun, and the hunt for Blackbeard’s gold is on the horizon. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming fourth season." Intriguing.

Speaking with Variety, Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron, opened up about how her character has evolved over the years. "We’ve seen her truly grow up a lot. She’s gone from a teenager who doesn’t have much of a care in the world or responsibilities to having the weight of so many things on her shoulders.

"[For season three], we continue to piggyback on that with a few wrenches thrown into the mix. She found this voice and she’s learning how to make decisions for herself."

Carlacia Grant, who plays Cleo, added to Cosmopolitan US, "I have some theories. I don't want to ruin them, but I would love to see Cleo's backstory. Like if a person came back from Cleo's past to really explain some of her mannerisms. It's Outer Banks. Her mom died, her dad left, but any of these people could appear somehow."

Is there a trailer for Outer Banks season 4?

Sadly nothing yet, but refresh your memory with the season 3 trailer instead:

Outer Banks season 4 has officially wrapped filming (9)

Outer Banks season 3 is now available to stream

Outer Banks season 4 has officially wrapped filming (10)

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Outer Banks season 4 has officially wrapped filming (2024)


Is Outer Banks season 4 being filmed? ›

Has Outer Banks Season 4 production wrapped? Yes. The Pogues — Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, and Carlacia Grant — have kicked off their flip-flops (and hopped in the shower) because Season 4 filming has officially finished.

Why couldn't they film Outer Banks in NC? ›

The collection of islands that make up Outer Banks is in North Carolina, and while the original plan was to do the film shoots there, the state's passing of the Bathroom Bill meant that Netflix no longer felt like it could film there in good conscience.

What is season 4 of OBX about? ›

By all indications, Outer Banks season 4 will see the Pogues on the hunt for the famed pirate's treasure. The Outer Banks season 3 epilogue also saw the main characters busy with their own pursuits. John B and Sarah are running a surf shop, Pope is at school, Kiara is saving turtles, and JJ bought a charter boat.

Where is John B's house in real life? ›

If you're looking for the filming location, it's located in Charleston, South Carolina. The home is very private as they do not want visitors, but there's a boat tour that goes on in which they will go by the house and show you it. Directly North of 1659 Fort Lamar Rd Charleston, SC 29412.

Is Sarah Cameron pregnant in season 4? ›

Sarah Cameron Is Pregnant by Jj. Jj Outerbanks. Outerbanks Edits. Outer Banks Season 4.

Is season 4 of Outer Banks coming out in 2024? ›

Outer Banks season 4 doesn't currently have an official release date, however, Netflix has confirmed the new season will be released in 2024.

Is Netflix getting sued for Outer Banks? ›

Netflix is being sued over highly-popular series Outer Banks with an author claiming that the streaming giant had stole the characters and plot of his novel.

Do any celebrities live in Outer Banks? ›

The Outer Banks' most beloved celebrity resident was actor Andy Griffith, famous for his roles on The Andy Griffith Show, A Face in the Crowd, and Matlock, to name a few. Andy lived on Roanoke Island and was often seen at the Ace Hardware, local restaurants, or the Island Pharmacy.

Is the wreck from Outer Banks real? ›

Filming location: The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene is the real restaurant where scenes featuring Kiara's family's business were filmed. This laid-back seafood dive is located on the banks of Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant.

Did they cancel season 4 of OBX? ›

On 19th February 2023, Netflix revealed the show will officially be back for a season four. The tweet read, "BREAKING NEWS OUT OF POGUELANDIA: The Pogues (P4L) just dropped a bombshell. @obxnetflix has been renewed for Season 4!"

Are JJ and Sarah siblings? ›

They're friends, but they're not close. It would be this funny glue that neither of them would've ever expected to be the siblings they never had.”

Is Outer Banks season 4 delayed until 2026? ›

Madison Bailey confirms that Outer Banks Season 4 is close to wrapping up production. Despite delays from 2023's strikes, Netflix assures a release before the end of 2024. Outer Banks star Madison Bailey provides a production update for Season 4, hinting at a near completion and a release before the end of 2024.

Is Denmark Tanny a real person? ›

While Denmark Tanny is a fictional character in Outer Banks, his story is inspired by that of Denmark Vesey, an activist and community leader who lived in Charleston, South Carolina. Sold to South Carolina slave trader Captain Joseph Vesey, Denmark Vesey won a $1,500 lottery in 1799 when he was 32 years old.

Is Kildare Island real? ›

Kildare Island from 'Outer Banks' is not a real place, but it is based on a real place.

Is Outer Banks season 4 coming out on December 15th? ›

The release date for Outer Banks Season 4 is not confirmed yet, but it is expected to be within 2024, possibly in September or October.

How many days until Outer Banks season 4 comes out? ›

We're likely going to be waiting until mid-2024 at the earliest before we get our hands on season 4 of Outer Banks. Outer Banks season 4 was originally scheduled to begin filming on May 30th, 2023, and then run through the majority of 2023, with an estimated wrap date of December 15th, 2023.

Whose baby is Sarah pregnant with in Outer Banks? ›

Outer Banks Season Four Sarah Pregnant with Jj's Child | TikTok.

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